How are email opens tracked in the analytics?

Flocknote uses the industry-standard tracking open rates, which involves placing a teeny-tiny image in the email itself to track the email openings. So, if a member or their email client has images blocked, they might have read the note, but the analytics will still show it as Unopened

Here's how it works

  • The tracking in Flocknote to determine whether an email note has been opened or not is tied to images in the email message itself. 
  • Because the images are stored on our servers at Flocknote, anytime someone downloads the images in an email, the report that the email was opened is sent back to Flocknote and loaded in the analytics of your note. 
  • Thus, if someone has images blocked, the report of the open won't make it back to the analytics in Flocknote.

This is precisely why (most times) when you receive an email from a new sender, email programs will block the images by default, saying something like, "For privacy reasons images in this email are not displayed, click here to download." 

Here's what Gmail's looks like:

NOTE: While our tracking is identifiable to let you know which member opened the email, this information is tokenized so that there’s no identifiable information of yours (or any other members) being sent across the internet. 

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