Will the Diocese or Archdiocese be able to contact our parishioners?

Some dioceses/archdioceses are using Flocknote in collaboration with all of their respective churches. ⛪️

If you are using Flocknote completely separate from your diocese's financial agreement, then they will have no connection to your network and cannot send messages to your members. 

If you are using Flocknote as part of the diocese's financial agreement, then your diocese will be able to send emails and texts to your parishioners. However, it's important to note:

  1. This is done through the diocese's own network and does not affect your parish network
  2. This is typically only done a few times per year
  3. Your parishioners can opt out without affecting their subscription to your parish. Here's how!

More frequently, your diocese may be creating content via the Flocknote Library that the parishes can choose to share if they wish, and in general, the diocese knows how huge of an opportunity and privilege it is to be able to have all parishes on a common communications platform, so they fully intend to use these capabilities wisely!

If you are not sure whether your parish network is in collaboration with your diocese, or you have questions about how these collaborations work, simply email diocese@flocknote.com and a Happiness Engineer would be glad to discuss this with you! 😊

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