I'm having trouble with Text to Join

Text-to-Join is a quick and easy way to get registered with a network by texting in a unique keyword from your phone. If you're having trouble with the process, below is a list of checks to make sure you completed the process correctly:

  • Does your phone and carrier plan allow you to send and receive text messages?
  • Did you type the right keyword? Make sure the keyword doesn't have a space. Also, auto-correct sometimes changes what you type in and might be adding spaces or changing letters.
  • Did you type in the right phone number?
    • US - 84576
    • Canada - 514-900-0130
    • U.S Spanish Speakers - 202-765-3441
  • Did you put the short code in as the phone number and the keyword in the body of the text?
  • Did you receive an error stating that 'short code texting is blocked'? You might need to use 202-517-9432 instead of 84576

Still stuck? Contact our Happiness Engineers at help@flocknote.com and they can check on things for you :)

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