How do I add envelope numbers to member profiles?

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To add envelope numbers one at a time:

1. Click on the group that contains the member (or the Everyone group if you are the Super Admin) from the lefthand sidebar. 

2. Go to the People tab. 

3. Search or scroll to locate the member and click on their name to open their profile. 

4. Select the Giving tab. Then, select the gray Add Envelope Number button.

To bulk import envelope numbers and attach them to member profiles:

  • When adding new members to your network, you can jump straight to importing. Learn how to format your spreadsheet with the article at the bottom of the page. 
  • If you've got a mix of some members already in your network and some that need to be imported, you can export your members to a spreadsheet, add an envelope number column, add the new member data as needed, and import that updated spreadsheet back in. It will recognize the members by their contact info and attach the envelope #s to their profiles, as well as add the new members on the spreadsheet. Going forward when you import new members, you can be sure to include the envelope # column so that all members have an assigned envelope #. 

Please note: Giving information for a member is only viewable by that specific member and network admins. Regular members will never be able to see each other's giving data. If you have any questions about how these features work, please reach out to us at 👍

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