How can I archive a group?

You may want to stop using a group, but keep the notes and members on file for your records. While there is not a way to "archive" a group per se, we do have a handy workaround that's easy as pie. 🍰

What you can do is change your group to be a hidden group so that nobody else can join it, and even remove any admins so that notes are not sent from the group. And there you have it! As a hidden group, members will not be able to add themselves to the group, or even see that the group exists. However, admins will still be able to access all past notes sent from the group.

Alternately, if you're wanting to keep your contact list on file for your members, but do not need to keep the notes, you can always export the contact info to a spreadsheet, then simply delete the group

To learn more about how to make a group hidden and export your contact info, check out the related articles at the bottom of this article.

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