How do I add or delete a remark/note for a member?

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To add a remark/note: 

  1. Select the group the member is in. If you are a Super Admin, you can find all members in the Everyone group.
  2. Select the People tab at the top. 
  3. Find the member by scrolling or searching their name/contact info. 
  4. Click on their name to open their member profile.  
  5. Click on the Remarks section. 
  6. Click the green Add a note button at the bottom. After you upload your first document, this will then move to the top right of that section.
  7. Write until your heart is content and click Save
  8. Please note: Anytime you add a remark, it will give you the option to allow the member, as well as any Group Admins for groups the member is a part of, to see those remarks as well. By default, the Group Admins are opted into viewing those remarks. If you do not want them to see those, you will need to uncheck that selection. Super Admins can view all notes at all times. 

Remarks cannot be edited, so you will need to delete the old and add a new one if you need to make a change. Only Super Admins and/or the author of the note can delete it. 

To delete a remark/note: 

  1. Repeat the steps from above to find the Remarks section. 
  2. Hover over the remark till a little gray trashcan icon appears. Hover over this icon until it turns red and then click on it.
  3. Click Delete It - done! 

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