How do I upload or delete a document for a member?

Flocknote Complete

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To upload a new document: 

  1. Select the group the member is in. If you are a Super Admin, you can find all members in the Everyone group.
  2. Select the People tab at the top. 
  3. Find the member by scrolling or searching their name/contact info. 
  4. Click on their name to open their member profile.  
  5. Click on the Docs section. 
  6. Click the green Upload a document button at the bottom. After you upload your first document, this will then change to an Add a document button at the top right). 
  7. Find the document within your personal computer files, select it, and click Save once the upload is complete. 

Please note: Anytime Super Admins upload a document, they will be given the option to 'Only allow Super Admins' to view this document. By default, this box is NOT selected. If you do not want Group Admins or that particular member to see this particular document then you will want to be sure to check this box before saving. 

This is also the time where you can change the title of the document. Simply highlight the title, type over it, and click save. 

To sort your documents:

Once you upload more than one document, you will be able to sort by alphabetical order or by upload date. Simply click the gray button next to the green 'Add a document' button to toggle between these two views. 

To delete a document: 

  1. Repeat the steps from above to find the Docs section. 
  2. Hover over the top right of the document till a little gray trashcan icon appears and click on it.
  3. Click Shred It and that document is toast! 

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