How do I share a link to my email or text message with someone outside my group or network?

If you have an open group and would like to share a particular note from that group, first locate the note URL, then find and copy the number at the end of the URL (known as a "Note ID"):

Take the Note ID and paste it at the end of this link: [NUMBER-GOES-HERE]


You'll be left with a publicly-viewable link that you can send to a non-member of your group, post on social media, or share in a later Flocknote email or text that you send out. 

For this example, the final product will look like this:

NOTE: The URL for a note is only able to be found when accessing Flocknote from a browser, and wouldn't be able to be located when using the Flocknote mobile or tablet app.

BONUS! If you're sharing this with anyone not yet in your Flocknote network or group, be sure to tell them to click the "X" in the upper left of the note to connect with you going forward! 

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