How does the comments section work?

In any note sent out through Flocknote, a person is able to post replies -- either public or private -- which are all collated in the Comments section. Comments are found on the right-hand side of any note within Flocknote (or found at the bottom, if you're viewing on mobile). 

Posting new comments and replying to comments is super easy, making it a snap for recipients to get a message to the note sender, and for the sender to get right back to those who leave responses. 

1. To leave a brand new comment, just click in the box labeled Add your thoughts, type out your comment, then click Enter.

(BONUS: If you want to insert a line break, just hold the Shift key and hit Enter)

2. To reply to an existing comment, just click the Reply button below said comment, type out your message, and hit Enter. (The line break trick mentioned above will work here, too)

3. We've also now made it so you can be easily notified via email or text message -- depending on your preferences -- of all comments on a note, or just those replies to comments that you've left. 

(By default, we have "Email me when someone replies to my comments on this note" set to on.)

To learn more about public vs. private replies, check out the article below! Questions? Email your Happiness Engineers at 

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