How do I add text next to my uploaded image?

To add text next to an image you have added to your note, you will first need to make a brand new section just for that text and image. This is an important piece in getting that feature to work correctly. To make a brand new section, click the Add a section button (you can add a section either at the end/bottom of your note, OR click on the grey button with 3 dots within the section toolbar if you need to add a section in-between two existing sections.

Once in your new section, click the grey button with 3 dots on the right hand side of the toolbar. You'll then have the option to choose a layout. The different layout options will allow you to format your text next to the image you have added depending on how big you would like your image or text box to be. For example, the 2nd choice with an even 1/2 layout will create equal layout spacing for your image and text, while the 3rd and 4th choices will allow you to have a bigger image or bigger space for your text.

Upload your image and text using the image and text modules, then click and drag on the arrow icon to click and drag the text (or image) into the second column. Viola!

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