Study Programs (Daily Emails - Catechism & Popes)

In addition to providing its valuable email and text-messaging tool to churches and organizations, Flocknote also manages two Catholic study programs that are open to the public, free of charge.

Available Programs

We currently have 2 study programs available: "Popes in a year" and the popular "Catechism in a year."

About 'Popes in a Year'
We all know Pope Francis, and we all know St. Peter, but do you know all the popes in between? This program will send a daily (Mon-Fri) installment featuring a brief and fun overview of every pope of the Catholic Church from #1 to #266. Don't worry, we'll also put sources at the bottom for anyone who wants to do further reading!

To sign up for the Pope list, simply go to

About 'Study the Catechism in a Year'
Join the largest group in human history (120k+) to ever study the catechism together! Get one email a day (Mon-Fri) and cover the entire catechism in a year.

To sign up for the Catechism list, simply go to

FAQs about these programs

Is there a cost associated with these programs?
Nope. These programs are totally FREE and open to the public.

Do I need to be associated with a church or parish to participate in these programs?
Nope. These study programs are open to all individuals regardless of whether they are associated with a church or parish.

Problems signing up:
If you've already signed up and you're having trouble receiving your daily emails, please check your spam folder to make sure your email hasn't accidentally been routed there. For further assistance, contact a Happiness Engineer at

Accessing past readings:
If you just signed up today, then you may have missed today's reading. However, you'll start getting new daily readings early each morning, so we recommend just clicking on the group name in the email you receive to view past notes. Logging in will also allow you to read past emails and update your subscription settings. 

Can you resend me a past reading, or start me off on a particular day?
Based on the size and structure of these Study Programs, we unfortunately do not have the ability to resend particular days or restart your emails on a particular day. We usually plan on starting the Study Programs over once the year is finished, so feel free to jump in where we are and stick with things until you come full circle.

If you would like to unsubscribe from this list, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom right corner of every email we send out from the list (no need to log in, just clicking the link will do the trick).

How to update your email address:
Need to update your email address? To update your email, phone number or first and last name, log in and click the "My Info" button (icon of a person) in the top left.

Can I print these study materials on my website or in my bulletin/newsletter?
The use of the materials for these study programs has generously been granted to Flocknote by our partners. We do not have any power or authority to grant permission for printing these materials elsewhere. However, you are more than welcome to spread the word about how to sign up for these projects on your website, or in your bulletin/newsletter.

Having problems receiving emails? Did your emails stop?

There are a few reasons you may not be receiving emails, or your emails may have stopped. Check out this article here that discusses some of the causes and how to fix them. 

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