Looking for your church or organization on Flocknote?

Simply visit https://app.flocknote.com/find and enter your zip code! A list of nearby churches will appear. 

Don't see your church listed?
Each church or organization that uses flocknote has a unique URL that will connect you directly to them and will walk you through joining so you can receive emails and text messages from the different groups within your church or org. These links look like this: flocknote.com/holycross

Your church or organization should be able to provide you with the link that belongs to them so you can connect with all of the different groups and activities they've got going.

Alternatively, each church or organization also has a unique keyword you can text from your cell phone to get connected with them and you can follow the prompts to get connected that way as well. These keywords look like this: 'Text REJOICE to 84576'

Again, your church or organization should be able to provide you with the keyword that belongs to them.

Still stuck? Use the 'Contact Us' link and let us know the name of your church or organization and their location and we should be able to direct you to the right spot :)

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