All about the dreaded phishing scams

How does Flocknote help your church members not get caught falling for one of the many phishing scams that are affecting thousands? Read on to find out!

If you've landed on this page, you're either...

1. ...educating yourself about and setting a line of defense against horrible phishing scams, or... 

2.'ve been a victim of the scams. 

If it's the former, we're so glad you're here! If it's the latter, we're so sorry that your church has been affected by a scam.

The good news is, this is not specific to Flocknote--your Flocknote network is safe. The bad news is, it's affected thousands of churches around the world. Typically when this happens, someone impersonates a priest, bishop, pastor, or church leader – and then sends email to publicly-available email addresses (like on the parish website or bulletin), usually asking for a favor.

This is why having a secure, bulk email & text messaging tool like Flocknote is essential. Because then you can tell your parishioners that official church communications will only ever come from “” and the church’s official parish / diocesan email address.

At any rate, in an abundance of security, if you come across anything like that, feel free to send it our way by emailing, and we'd be happy to look into it to make sure nothing's amiss.

Also, be sure to check out the article linked below, which outlines our Privacy Policy here at Flocknote. In a nutshell, your member's information is safe with us. We will never, ever sell or share it. Pinky promise.

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