Does Flocknote have a mobile app? What features are available?

Did you know that Flocknote has a mobile app available in the Apple app store and the Google Play store? While regular members can certainly download it and use it, this mobile app was built primarily for admins to send out quick messages to their members on-the-go. 

What can admins do on the mobile app?

  • Send an email note
  • Send a quick text
  • View groups and their member lists -- from there, expand individual member profiles and make edits 
  • View the Dashboard and latest activity on the network
  • View the My Notes page (past sent notes, scheduled/saved drafts, deleted notes)
  • Add individual members to groups
  • Update notification settings for their personal profile or other members 

Please note: features available vary between Super Admins, Group Admins, and Note Senders depending on privileges.

What can regular members do on the mobile app?

  • View past notes for groups they are a member of 
  • View the Dashboard and latest activity relating to them 
  • Update notification preferences
  • View their personal profile and update contact info and/or custom fields that admins set up
  • Upload documents to their personal profiles  
  • Reset password 
  • Get help from our Help Section

What features are NOT available on the mobile app? 

  • More advanced customization features within the email note composer
  • Managing groups (create/rearrange/make edits)
  • The Library
  • Billing
  • Group settings 
  • Bulk sort & filtering 
  • Bulk importing members from a spreadsheet 

Please note: while regular members can download our mobile app, the great thing about Flocknote is that you can reach members where they're already at -- using texting and email. They can also choose to access Flocknote via their existing mobile browser without having to download an app at all. If you'd like to learn our philosophy on churches using mobile apps for engagement, check out this video: 

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