Can someone receive my comment reply via text?

Now when you send a note, you will be able to receive notification of a comment, or of a reply via text

When does someone receive my reply via email?

By default, if we have the ability to email someone a comment or reply, we route via email

When would someone receive my reply via text?

Text reply notifications are sent:

  • if someone only has a valid cell phone on file (no email, or an invalid email), 
  • if they replied to a text message, and the admin replies back directly to that person (via text or the Flocknote interface), or 
  • if someone specifically opted into receiving notifications via text when they sent the note, or from within the note notification preferences. 

From the notification settings:

Within the note:

As an admin, how can I receive text notification replies?

Immediately after you send a note, a box will pop-up with options for the admin to receive replies via email or text. These settings will be remembered for the next time you send a note of that kind (email or text). Certain options will become unavailable or simply turned off by default depending on the size of the group you are sending to.

You can reply directly to the text notification of a reply and it will post as a reply within the comment thread. If you get multiple replies via text, and you text back, the reply will post to the comment thread that you were last notified about.

What happens if the person can't receive my reply via text?

If the system is unable to notify someone of your reply via email or text (because they have invalid contact info, replies turned off) -- the system will reply:

“We’ve saved your reply, but we aren’t able to notify NAME/THIS PERSON about it. Learn more.”

If you have any questions, please email us at and one of your friendly Happiness Engineers will be happy to help!

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