How do I forward a note?

You now have the option to forward sent notes to a group or individuals. Begin by opening up the already-sent note you would like to forward within Flocknote.

  • Click the forward arrow button from the choices that show at the top of the opened note (between edit and duplicate).

  • Then select the group you would like to forward the note to, or select the 'Person' button to search for a particular member. If wanting to forward it to an individual member, type the member's name, email, or phone number in the 'search for member' option box that appears when you click on the 'Person' button.

  • Once you have selected a group or member(s) you would like to forward your note to, select the green Send it button to send them your note. The details below the To: field will show how many people will receive the note and by what manner.

You're all set - your note has been forwarded! Now, in the Analytics of the same note, you'll see combined stats for both the original send and the forwarded send, along with the dates that the note was sent. 

Please note: A note cannot be sent to the same group more than once. However, the original group may be selected when forwarding a note, and anyone who was unable to receive that note at its initial time of sending (if they had an unverified email address or weren't yet subscribed to the group, for example) will receive the note.

Questions? Email us at A Happiness Engineer is standing by to help. :) 

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