Working with families in Flocknote People

Flocknote People

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Wondering how to handle families in Flocknote People? If you've got a handle on Household Grouping (see the related article linked below), you may be wondering the best way to keep track of children in Flocknote (for example, those who are too young and/or do not have an email address or cell number).

We recommend adding a remark to the parent's profile with the children's names. Then, you can add the parent's profile to any groups that are applicable to the child. To see how to add a remark, check out the article linked below.

Another option is to simply add the children's name(s) in the first name field in parenthesis. For example, Nick (Annie, Hallie) Parker.

Of course, if you have any questions whatsoever, your friendly Happiness Engineers are standing by at 🤓

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