How exactly does texting work?

Below are the nuts and bolts of sending texts through Flocknote.

  • Character count - you can write text messages up to 160 characters.
  • Your text will looks the same no matter which carrier your member has--hooray! 
  • How texts are received: The system is designed so that each member will receive texts from a unique phone number for each group. When a member receives a text for the first time from a group the system will send them an automated note letting them know that ‘X’ group is using this number to send them texts. This way the member can save that number in their contacts so they can easily recognize where notes are coming from. This is to help route comments back and forth to the correct members and prevent notes from being flagged as Spam. 
  • Our texting is reliable! We've recently upgraded our routing to make doubly sure your messages get to your people.

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