Why did my Flocknote domain change?

You might've noticed a different domain for your church or organization on Flocknote. Let's back-up...what in the world is a domain?? It's the address you see at the top of your browser that directs you to the right place when surfing the internet. It's one of the ways your members know how to find your network on Flocknote.

We recently changed all existing network domains, so instead of flocknote.com/yourURL, your network domain is now yourURL.flocknote.com. 

But all of my printed materials have the old domain on them! 

If you've printed flyers with your old domain, have the old domain on your website, printed in your bulletin, or have posted your old domain on social media or anywhere else online, no worries! 

People will automatically be redirected to the right place when using your old domain. However, from here on out, we recommend sharing your new domain :)

Can I change my domain?

If you're a Super Admin, you certainly can! Click on the grey "More options" button (the one with 3 dots in the upper left-hand corner of the screen), followed by Settings. The URL field is where you can type in a new URL to make adjustments to your domain.

Why did you change this, Flocknote? 

We're laying the groundwork for some super duper exciting updates that are coming soon--stay tuned!

As always, if you have any questions about this, email your Happiness Engineers at help@flocknote.com

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