How do I know people are receiving my text messages?

How do I know people are receiving my texts?

While phone handsets don’t allow “read-receipts” like we get with emails, studies show that people read over 98% of the text messages they receive! That’s a pretty good open-rate!  
Flocknote is an A2P service - that’s “Application To Person” - and cell phones handle A2P text messages differently than normal texts. If someone leaves their cellphone on for months at a time, sometimes it will start to hold on to the A2P text messages and forget to show them in the message inbox. 
Since we can't get reports back on who specifically this is happening to, we aren't able to show it to you in the analytics like we do emails. What we do know is that it’s under 0.25% of our users. So it’s safe to assume that your members are receiving your message unless you hear reports of it. If you’re ever in doubt, just have someone restart their phone.
How often should someone restart their phone?
In general, once every few weeks should be fine.
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