What are extended profile fields?

What are extended profile fields and how do I set them up?

Extended profile fields are optional fields you can add to your member's profile in addition to the standard fields of name, number and email address. Currently our extended fields include Address, Birthday, Class Year, Gender and Tshirt Size. You can select all, one or just a few (or none at all) to add to your members' profiles. Once you select and save these extended fields, members will be asked for this information when they sign-up for your Flocknote. Admins can also add this information to members' profiles. 

To set up extended fields for your Flocknote:

  1. Go to Network Settings (accessible via the gray More button with three dots on it or the gray Cogwheel Icon in the top right of the Everyone page).
  2. Once you go to Network Settings, the Extended Fields will be visible at the bottom of the settings window. Select which Extended Fields you would like to add to your members' profiles. Then press the green Save button and you're all set!

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