Standard Text Messaging vs Premium Text Messaging

We are excited to offer Premium text messages to our customers! For those of you curious on the differences between Standard and Premium Texting, Premium Texting offers:

  • More characters - Now you can write text messages up to 160 characters (Standard Text Messaging is 110).
  • More consistent - Your text will now look the same no matter which carrier your member has AND each member will always get a particular group's updates FROM THE SAME PHONE NUMBER. Whereas Standard Text Messaging is formatted slightly differently for each carrier, some more obscure carriers are not supported, and don't always come from the same number or address.
  • More quick - It’s like our old text messaging relied on greyhounds (pretty fast, but might get distracted by a squirrel and take longer than expected). Now we use Cheetahs (but really nice ones that don’t get distracted and don't want to eat you).
  • More reliable - We upgraded our routing to make doubly sure your messages get to your people.

We highly recommend all networks stay on Premium Text Messaging for the best experience (networks are set to have premium text messaging on by default) except for extreme circumstance.

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