Why am I now being charged for Premium Texting?

Premium texting is just that - premium service that provides more text characters, sent from an actual phone number your members can save and identify (instead of a group name address), and better reliability. We've given you free premium text messages for up to fourteen times the amount of members in your Flocknote each month (so if you have 1,000 members you receive 14,000 free premium text messages per month). 

This is probably more than you will use, but if you do use your entire free amount in a month, you'll be able to continue sending premium texts for .3 cents each text message. That's right. (What else can you buy for .3 cents in 2017?!) 

So, for 3 dollars you get 1000 premium text messages. That's a lot of texts!

97% of our customers never come close to going over their free limit for premium text messages. So they never see any additional charges, of course. But if you're in the 3% who sometimes might, and you don't mind sending the shorter standard text messages instead of premium text messages ( click here to learn the difference), then you can simply turn "Premium Text Messaging" off in your Billing settings by unchecking the 'Enable premium text messaging' box:

If you have any questions, please email us at help@flocknote.com and we'll be happy to help!

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